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The ADX150 Metal Detector from XP is recommended for its Power, and Simplicty of Operation. NOW with the new Deus-style handle & stem design.

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Code:  XP-ADX-150
Discontinued Total: £299.00
GREAT SAVINGS on additional accessories if ordered at same time:

add  Metal Detector Deluxe Headphones : £12.95 (usually £15.95)
add  Sand Scoop : £15.95 (usually £19.95)
add  Foot-Assisted Trowel : £15.95 (usually £19.95)
Full list of accessories with GREAT SAVINGS

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The ADX 150 from XP is one of the most powerful metal detectors in its class, and is ideal for those who want power without worrying about the adjustments. The ADX 150 features the latest technology from the XP range. With the same unequalled performance and characteristics as the ADX 100, the ADX 150 comes with coil cover and hipmount bag and is wireless ready. As with all of the XP range, the ADX150 is simple to use and very light, making this the ideal starter machine for the serious detectorist. XP is the leading French metal detector manufacturer and a major metal detector brand recognised among serious metal detectorists.
  • Lightweight powerful metal detector
  • French manufacturer
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed 2 years
The major strength of the XP ADX 150 Metal Detetctor is its ease of operation, combined with detecting power. The ADX 150 has two control knobs - the sensitivity knob (on the left) enables you to adjust how much power is put into the search coil and, consequently, affects the search depth. Generally, you set the sensitivity as high as you can without getting false signals. In most cases, you should be able to run the machine at full power with no problems. The right-hand knob sets the discrimination, enabling you to reject unwanted objects. When turned fully to the left (the "all metal" setting), the ADX 150 will detect buried objects of any metal, including Iron. By turning the control to the right, you increasingly favour signals from more precious metals (such as coins and jewellery). A free Coil cover is supplied with this detector.
  • Now compatible with the XP wireless headphone WS1 and WS3!
  • Wide Scan double D, 22.5 cm, waterproof, provided with its coil cover and connector to change the coil.
  • Very resistant cable, conceived to resist to movements constraints.
  • Light and robust ABS electronic box . The box is fixed under the armrest, for a maximum comfort it can also be hip mounted ( Hipmount bag included).
  • Light detector and perfectly balanced.
  • Robust armrest.
  • Shaft in three part with double locking system.
  • Lower fiber glass tube.
  • Frequency : 4,6 Khz.
  • Sensitivity and Discrimination : Adjustable.
  • All metal: Motion.
  • Power: 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA.
  • Battery life: alkaline: 50 Hours.
  • Battery low alert.
  • 2 year guarantee on control box.
  • Option: battery charger and XP wireless headphone.
XP Lightweight XP Corded Backphones (3FX02)
Lightweight metal detector headphones from XP. With 6.3mm jack adapter, foldable in three parts, very light, fits around the back of the head with volume control. These lightweight detector headphones are ideal in the summer months when the traditional headphones will heat you up. Now with tougher headband.  enlarge
Battery Charger including 8 x AA NiMH Batteries
Although your metal detector will work using standard AA batteries, you can save money with this re-chargeable battery set. Suitable for all C.SCOPE PRO detectors using the 8 cell battery pod – CS3MXi, CS4PI, CS990XD, CS1220R, CS4MXi,CS6MXi,CS5MX, R1.  enlarge
Control box Cover and Hipmount bag for all XP detectors
Hipmount bags are designed to protect the metal detector control box in use and keep them clean in muddy fields, as well as protecting the most important part of the detector from the rain. With the hip-mount facility, the control box can be taken off the detector and used independently in order to reduce detector weight even more.  enlarge
Forward Mounting Bracket
This bracket is used to mount the control box on the front of the detector instead of the factory fitting at the rear of the arm cup. This will give all XP machines the option of changing the balance of the machine. This forward mounting bracket will fit on all XP machines.  enlarge
XP WS2 cordless headphones
The wireless headphone system has been developed specially for XP machines and utilises digital microprocessor transmission for optimum audio quality without background noise. The receiving module, complete with rechargeable zero memory Lithium battery and backphones supplied, weighs in at a mere 70grammes, charger is included and takes only 2 hours. The battery life is approx. 40 hours.  enlarge
XP WS3 wireless metal detector headphones
The wireless headphone system has been developed specially for XP machines and utilises digital microprocessor transmission for optimum audio quality without background noise. A battery charger is included and takes only 2 hours. The battery life is approx. 40 hours.  enlarge
XP Backpack (XP0683)
Keep your detector clean and dry when you are not using it. A carrying bag will help with much more than just carrying your detector. Stop it from getting scratched, or dirty and help to keep the value of the detector. This stylish bag will accept any three-piece stem machine in component form. The bag can be carried on the back for ease of carriage, there are also two large pockets on the front of the bag for accessories as well as two small pockets on the sides for smaller objects.  enlarge
Metal Detector Deluxe Headphones
These comfortable C.Scope metal detector headphones will increase detector performance. They make it easier to hear deep signals and they increase battery life. Headphones help you focus on the search by blocking outside noises and increasing concentration……and they keep your ears warm outside in winter. Suitable for all metal detectors, not just C.Scope models.  enlarge
Sand Scoop
If you’ve ever tried to retrieve something you dropped in the sand, you will understand the problem. The C.Scope specialist sand scoop makes finding objects in the sand much more efficient. After you pin-point the position of your target, plunge the Sand Scoop into the sand, shake it around so the sand falls through the holes, leaving, nine times out of ten, your find rattling around in the scoop. It’s a really neat invention, a useful accessory for anyone serious about beach detecting.  enlarge
Foot-Assisted Trowel
Foot Assisted Trowel from Cscope - easy to carry, lightweight and strong, this tool is just the right size and design for Professional Treasure Hunting, enabling you to unearth your finds quickly and with minimum effort.  enlarge

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